Aran Quinn

My first illustration for the New York Times. An opinion guest essay – ‘Northern Ireland Is Far Too Quiet’ by Clare Dwyer Hogg. Art directed by Damien Saatdjian 

Damien had the idea of a landscape for this piece. With this in mind I thought an overgrown field of wilting, hugely scaled flowers representing people's stances and aspirations was an interesting way to convey the title and message of this piece.

The red roses depict the rose of England/UK and the folks who want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK. The decaying clovers depict the Republic of Ireland and the people hoping for a united Ireland. The broken, ancient, weathered stone wall represents the border and the hardship this situation has gone through. The overgrown field with no humans in sight helped back the idea of silence.

I really enjoyed being a part of this project.